About Us


Myers Pier

Fantastic Finds is located in the picturesque Bay of Quinte Region along the 401 corridor in Eastern Ontario between Toronto and Montreal.  We specialize in selling a variety of new and used merchandise at substantial savings. Our company prides itself on finding exceptionally high-quality new and used merchandise that we believe consumers will delight in purchasing.

At Fantastic Finds, we’ve taken the extra step to keep our quality high and our prices low because we’ve cut out high storefront costs. We warehouse our items  in a well maintained storage facility where people can come and view their item of interest and other merchandise for sale. By using this method,  our prices are substantially lower than the mainstream market and we pass along the great savings to our customers. We do  the legwork, so all you have to do is let your fingers do the shopping on our website to discover a great selection of items at unbeatable prices.

We sell just about anything from antiques, traditional, contemporary and vintage furnishings, china, glassware, crystal, collector plates, unique home décor, garden accessories, office furniture and specialty items. Our family owned business offers our customers the chance to select among a great selection of merchandise at below costs savings. At Fantastic Finds, we’re always on the prowl to get you

Fabulous Finds for Less!”



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