Vintage, Hand Painted Jewelry Stand

New Listing:

This gorgeous, hand painted, vintage jewelry stand is in exceptional condition.  The unusual, boutique piece has a hand painted floral design that is beautiful. The four, gracefully curved legs add to its charm and the 3 drawers are fully lined to protect your precious jewelry pieces. The stand measures 28 in. high and 15 ¾ in. around. This lovely specialty, vintage furniture stand is a wonderful addition for anyone looking for something unique to add to their bedroom décor. $100


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Vintage Solid Walnut Scallop Table

New Listing:

This gorgeous, solid walnut table with a February 1, 1970 & serial #1698 date stamped on the bottom is a true find in exceptional condition.  The exquisite, scallop top design has a beautiful walnut sheen and the four pedestal legs supporting this “substantial” piece are in perfect condition.  The table has a front drawer with original hardware and measures 27 in. circular and 26 ½ in. high. This is an elegant table ideal for an entryway or foyer with a huge bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece or anyplace else worthy of such a lovely, vintage addition to your home décor. $175










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Greatest Buried Treasure Ever Found!

I recently visited family in West Palm Beach, a beautiful stretch of  seafront properties that’s always swarming with people strolling along the beach. Several of these residents and visitors alike walk leisurely down the long pristine coastline that’s dotted with condos as far as the eye can see.

I noticed an elderly gent who was taking slow strides and thought mobility was causing this less than vigorous trek when I realized he was holding something that hovered over the sand. Low and behold, it was a metal detector that he was using for hunting lost treasure.

I mention this little story because I found this great, short video that proves that walking along the beach can indeed turn up some fabulous finds like the one this couple discovered when walking their dog along a beach in California.  You just never know.



15 Garage Sale Items That Sold for Millions


When you go out to garage sales in search of a bargain, do you ever think that maybe one day you’ll discover that incredible find that will make you rich? Well, these garage sale hunters did just that and discovered unbelievable items that were worth a fortune!  Here is a great video for you to watch that I hope will inspire you to keep looking for that pot of gold in the most unlikely place, the neighborhood garage sale.

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